About FreeNest

FreeNest is a team-oriented product development platform that is fast to deploy and easy to use. FreeNest integrates together other open source software that are commonly used in software development, and acts as a sort of glue between them. FreeNest is modular and expandable, allowing you to create just the right environment for your needs.

Traditional Product development platforms are often meant to be offered as a centralized service. FreeNest differs from this by being meant for a single team or product or project, meaning a new FreeNest is launced any time a new project or team wishes to start their work. Designed for this purpose in mind, it is fast to deploy, easy to extend, and is secure for allowing external entities and clients in without worrying about them seeing any other projects going on in your organization.

The cell-model that FreeNest is designed around has many benefits. Your client gets more transparent view into their commission, the organization gets fast and easy administration, and most importantly the developers get to work with the tools they need, not the tools they are given. FreeNest is an open source project and it is based on other open source projects.

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